Tips for spending less time cooking

More and more people these days are overwhelmed by their work and arrive home tired, sleepy, with a gurgling stomach. A few tips are therefore offered to give everyone the opportunity to eat well, without making too much effort, after a good day's work.

Fast food is prepared in advance

The best thing to do to avoid spending too much time in the kitchen is, above all, to plan the weekly menu in advance. It will then be necessary to know in advance which dishes will be cooked. A small calendar will thus be of great help. It should be noted that to simplify your life, it will be advisable to choose dishes that are simple to make and that do not require many ingredients, for a quick cooking. Once the meals have been planned, it will be important to also do the shopping in advance. A shopping list should therefore be drawn up in order to avoid forgetting. It is also possible, if you feel like it, to cook the week's meals at the weekend and then freeze them. All that remains to be done then is to place them in the microwave before eating them, and that's it.

Fast cooking is also a matter of cooking.

There are also a few little tips on how to prepare meals, for quick cooking. First of all, it is important to stress that organic vegetables are a great help.  It is possible not to peel them in order to keep all the vitamins and minerals. This also saves time. Then, to speed up the cooking time of your dishes, it is also very useful to cut the vegetables or meat well, so that the small pieces cook a little faster. Many sites offer tutorials to learn how to cook faster, cut vegetables faster, slice onions or garlic in no time at all, or to learn how to defrost fish or meat very quickly. As for cooking, it will be essential to calculate the time for each ingredient to cook and take on colours, so that all are ready at the same time.

Fast cooking means having the right utensils.

Always in the interest of fast cooking, it is essential to be well equipped. It is therefore advisable to have a ready-to-use freezer that will store your ready-made meals in advance or your leftovers that will still wreak havoc next week. Pressure cookers and food processors, among others, will be your best allies. Your vegetables and meats will be ready in an instant. And don't forget the microwave, which will be indispensable for reheating and defrosting your small dishes and, of course, the kettle and blender, which will make your life much easier. Be careful to keep your kitchen and cupboards tidy so that you have all your utensils at hand: wooden spoon, knives or skimmer. Finally, why not get some help? Yes, an extra pair of hands will come in handy and your children will surely enjoy cooking as a family. Of all this, in order to spend less time preparing meals, three tips are good to know. The first is to prepare meals in advance. The second tip is to know how to prepare the meals well and quickly, and to know how to calculate the cooking and colouring times for each ingredient so that they are ready at the same time. And the last trick is to acquire good kitchen utensils.  
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