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You may be used to flicking through a store-bought magazine or paper column for the latest in fashion tips and trends, but with more and more people turning online to buy their clothes, it is only natural that the latest fashion news and articles should live online too. With free fashion guides for men and women available all over the web, it has never been easier to spice up yours and yours partner’s wardrobe ready for trips about the town. Check out this fashion guide from Men’s Fashion Magazine, for great recommendations for any man in need of a new look, across casual clothing, professional wear, and a suave party look.

Knowing the Dress Code

All the fashion tips in the world won’t help you pull off the right look if you don’t know the dress code. So before planning an outfit, make sure you know exactly what everyone else will be wearing for any invite-only event or trip out on the town. Knowing what everyone else is wearing will help you better plan how to suavely stand out, without going overboard and looking over or under dressed. Armed with knowing what to expect from the dress code, begin to consult fashion guides to construct a signature look.

Casual Wear

A casual dress code may sound easy, but because it covers such a diverse array of clothing it is a harder dress code to perfect. The most important thing to bear in mind is when and where the casual event is taking place. It’s hard to go wrong with a light shirt, which will look both smart and casual without looking stuffy. Though as many fashion guides will tell you, you cannot go wrong by asking the host for more information if a casual dress code feels too vague.

Evening and Event Wear

Though everyone wants to look smart when the dress code calls for it, it is also important to look and feel comfortable in what you are wearing. Don’t be too tempted to overdo a smart dress code by opting for a full tuxedo where cocktail dress is the intended atmosphere. Again, communication with the host will give you the information necessary to stick respectably to the dress code, whilst also adding your own little signature flourishes to a look, flourishes which are neither too much nor too theatrical.

Professional and Interview Wear

An interview is about making the right impression from the minute you enter the room to the minute you leave, for that reason it is central to harness that important first impression by wearing the right clothing for the company. A well-fitting suit should be the go-to garment for an interview, as it exudes professional characteristics, being dressed smartly will also put you in the right head space to advertise your talents and commitment to the role. Try to avoid too many distracting accessories in your interview costume, or too much extravagance with hair – doing so will help keep the focus solely on your professional talents.

Dressing well means knowing the dress code, and knowing how to work with it to produce a look that is smart and befitting, with just enough of a twist to make it your own.

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