How to combine maternity and professional life?

Nowadays, many mothers are on the job market for a multitude of reasons. For some, a career may be a choice, while for others, a job is mandatory for tax survival. But these mothers have one important thing in common: finding a work-life balance.

Sort out your priorities and learn the art of delegation

If you want to be a successful working woman, it is important to define your priorities - personal and professional. To determine your responsibilities at different levels, ask yourself a few questions. What cannot be compromised or is completely non-negotiable? Which tasks should you enjoy and which ones can be sufficient? What are the most important commitments at work and in the family? Good parenting begins with setting priorities, making adjustments and deciding what you are and what you are not prepared to do. There's nothing wrong with recognizing that you can't do everything yourself, and a little help could ease your enormous workload. By doing everything yourself, you're not only tiring your body, you're also preparing it for a possible breakdown. Decide what you need to do yourself and what others can take care of. Ask your colleagues, spouse and family members for help. You and your spouse can divide the tasks so that both of you are not afraid to come home after a long day at work.

Stay connected during the day and limit distractions.

Thanks to technology, knowing the well-being of your loved ones and knowing where they are is no longer a challenge. All working mothers can easily keep in touch with their children while they work at the office. If you miss your children, you can make a phone call or even a video call during your lunch break and focus on your work, without stress or strain on the server. This gives the child comfort and reassurance that you are close to them. It also helps you get through a difficult day at work. When you're at work, every minute is crucial, both at work and at home. You'd be surprised to know that workplace distractions can cost you more than three hours a day. If you want to be focused and productive, it's essential to keep talkative co-workers, occasional Internet surfers, smartphones and other distractions at bay. Set specific deadlines for email addressing and phone use. At home, avoid watching too much television. Instead, use this time to strengthen your relationship with your partner and children. This is already a good basis for good parenting.

Draw a line between home and work

One of the greatest lessons life has taught many people is to say "no" to things that don't fit their priorities. Believe it or not, it's very important to know how to juggle your personal and professional life. Learn to set limits, so that you can give your heart and soul to both aspects of life. Know how to leave work at work. For example, when spending time with your children and partner, don't call to send e-mails or discuss work with your co-workers. Be aware of your personal relationships and start saying "no" to things that don't feel good. By taking all these points into account, you will be able to combine motherhood and working life quite easily, and start to have a good parenting organization.
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