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You might be looking at your closet and realizing that you need to go shopping to update it. The spring summer is here, and it is that time of the year when every woman wants to look trendy by purchasing fashion clothes. You can be stylish with the classic pieces or the freshly tailored garments that give you a customized look. Check out our spring summer IRO collection and other women clothes by visiting the IRO fashion website

Here is the spring summer fashion clothing every woman should look out for this year.

Wearing shoes over pants

It would be best if you considered wearing your shoes over your pants. Whether you are walking to the office or meeting up for coffee with friends, you can always consider shoes worn over your pants. Look out for strappy heels and wear them over your jeans, cigarette pants or slacks and you will have a fashionable look. It is a classic look that seems not to go away.

Consider the oversized Victorian Sleeves.

If you are a woman who enjoys classic wears, you should try wearing the oversized Victorian sleeves. The trend is a 19th century inspired and can help create a perception of a slimmer waist. It also adds some feminism to your fashion, and you will never go wrong with it. Consider wearing soft colours this spring as they help unleash the inner princess in you.

Feminine dresses with chunky boots

Many people are going classic, and you should consider it as your spring summer fashion this year. You can wear your feminine dresses and give it a touch with chunky boots. This fashion will help bring out your girly side. This look is appropriate for virtually anything. You can have some fun by mixing the look with other clothing to give it a 90s authentic touch. For instance, you can go with handbags with animal prints for a more classical look.

Pastel bucket hats

It is summer, and the sun will be harsh on you. If you are going to spend some time outdoors, why not consider wearing a pastel bucket hat. These hats are excellent in protecting you from the scorching sun, and they are also trendy. You can wear them any time of the year, and they can help compliment your looks. Since the hats are versatile, you can easily pair them with whatever clothing you want and still get the best look out of them.

Match your printed top with stockings

You can look trendy during spring summer to wear matching printed tops and pants or stockings. It does not matter what your style is, girl, matching a printed top and socks is suitable for a girly look or punk look. The look can help inspire confidence and bring the best out of you. Wearing different shades of printed pants and tops can help distinguish you from the rest and help create a sleek outfit for yourself.

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