how to choose the best eyelash extension products?

eyelash extension

Make-ups are meant to make you look more beautiful and unique. They provide great diversity to fashion styles available. Recent make-ups include eyelash products. In contrast to the false eyelashes that you can fix yourself and remove anytime, these are semi-permanent adhesive eyelashes. Eyelash extension is usually done by a lash artist. Extension eyelashes are usually fixed on the upper eye line and not the lower line. The eyelash extensions class is huge from which you have to select the best product for you.

Considerations when choosing the best eyelash extensions for you

There are several factors you have to consider when choosing your best fit eyelash. First, you have to consider the shape of your eye (vary from almond, round, protruding, upturned, etc.). Second, consider the size of your eye (large, medium size or small). Third, consider the orientation of your eye (close-set, wide set or deep set). Fourth, consider your desired look (natural, dramatic or stylish). Fifth, consider the feature of your natural lashes in terms of length, colour, curl and even the volume of the eyelash. Finally, you have to consider whether you have any hypersensitivity –especially to the material used in making the eyelash product.

Materials of the extension products

There are many materials used in manufacturing the eyelash products. Synthetic, silk, faux mink, and mink are most commonly available. Different materials come at different costs. This is one of the factors that influence your choice. Some people tend to show allergic reactions to certain eyelash products, and they have to be removed in all these cases. These reactions may even cause harm to your own eyelid. To avoid this kind of drama, you must ensure that you are not allergic to this material. All eyelash product materials are flexible and hence can be customized to your preference by your lash artist.

Mink, faux mink and silk extension eyelashes

Mink eyelash extensions class is produced from the tail of Siberian and Chinese mink. The former produces high quality fur and hence popular. Mink lash extension looks incredibly natural. They are lightweight. Quality goes with price. Mink is better quality and hence comes at a higher price. Faux mink eyelash products came up to provide the same beauty of mink eyelash extensions but now at a lower cost. They are actually designed such that they look almost the same as the natural ones and also have a lightweight. Silk eyelash extensions products are mid-weight lashes. They are not super comfortable and hence they are not as popular. They are mostly applied in a time of special occasions only. Synthetic are the least preferred eyelash extensions products. They are heaviest and do not look very natural

choosing the length and curl of your eyelash extension

Eyelash class come with varying sizes to match with the different client demands. Mostly, your natural eyelash length determines the best length for you. Mostly, ladies choose to wear a bit longer extensions compared to their natural eyelashes. Your lash artist may guide you more on this. You can also choose to have your eyelash fixed singly or in clusters. In terms of curl, you either choose a ‘j’ or ‘c’ curl. Most common curl is the ‘j’ but some ladies are best fitted with the ‘c’ curl. Both ‘j’ and ‘c’ eyelash products are readily available in the market.

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