Fashion tips for plump women

Being round doesn't mean you can't look fabulous! You should notice that many women with generous curves dress very well and enhance their plump morphology. All it takes is a little know-how, the right wardrobe pieces and a good dose of self-confidence.

Tips for accentuating or masking body areas

The colours, patterns and cut-outs you adopt can either captivate the eyes or draw them away from parts of your silhouette. Dark colours hide, while light colours stand out. In general, place light colours where you want to catch the eye and darker colours where you want to soften. To draw attention to your waist, choose a belt in shimmering colours over a darker shirt. To make your lower half less conspicuous, you can wear dark pants and a brightly coloured top. Also, large patterns can usually make you look fatter. Smaller patterns will make you look smaller. Finally, be careful with horizontal stripes as they tend to make areas appear larger. With these tips, you'll be able to perfect your silhouette. When it comes to round fashions, know how to choose what to wear to camouflage or accentuate areas of your body. Thus, make your tops, pants, skirts, accessories and even your colors and clothing cuts your allies, for a perfect silhouette.

How to choose the right cuts and textiles that will flatter the lower part?

To have cuts as well as textiles that will compliment your lower part, look for custom-made skirts and pants. Avoid flared pants and wide pants. You should also banish shapeless clothing such as broom skirts and one-size dresses from your wardrobe. In terms of round fashions, these garments tend to look better on slim silhouettes. Instead, find something with a pinch waist. If you're looking for a skirt with a trapezoid cut, you'll be sure not to go wrong. Avoid pencil skirts as they shape and draw your hips as well as your waist. However, skater-type skirts will really bring out the beauty of each individual. Buy at least one pair of tight-fitting jeans. Skinny or straight jeans in a dark wash will look great. Also, be very careful with leggings. For some women, a long shirt or dress with leggings is a slimming and fashionable look. Don't hesitate to adopt them!

And to flatter the upper half

In order to highlight the upper part of the body, avoid straps and favour cardigans and full-length jackets. Do you like your forearms? You prefer tops with 3/4 sleeves. If you don't like them too much, wear clothes with long sleeves. Splitting your arms down the middle with one sleeve will seem even less flattering. If you wear skinny jeans or leggings, try a tunic-style top that's a little flowing. Wearing a top that doesn't fit is acceptable, as long as your bottom half looks snug. Button-down shirts should fit snugly over the bust and tummy. This means that there should be no fabric pull at the button. If there is, the shirt does not fit you. So choose another one. Dear ladies, by putting into practice these few tips about round fashion, you will no longer be self-conscious about your body.  
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