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Published on : 26 August 20215 min reading time

Buying natural stones and jewellery online may not have the same thrill as buying in a fancy store. A traditional physical store may attract you with a classy space and the rockstar treatment, but you should be wary about their prices. Online stores are able to sell precious stones at cheaper prices because they enjoy lower running costs. You can check the prices at and compare their prices with those of your local store. The online stores also offer a wider selection of products and usually offer great discounts to stimulate sales. Shopping for natural stone jewellery is also a lot more convenient than shopping in a physical store. You can make your purchase at any time of the day or night, and you will also not need to get out of the house.

Natural Stone Virtues

For a long time, people have recognised the healing properties of certain precious stones. One online jewellery sites, you can find some of these stones, along with instructions on how to use them. Some of the most famous stones for litho therapy include amethyst and agate. The idea behind these stone properties is that they contain indispensable energy that can refuel your spirit continuously. They can induce relaxation, calm your mind, and give you a sense of peace and harmony. Precious stones are also used to restore balance to the body and help to improve metabolism and treat mental and emotional conditions. There are many examples of people using precious stones to heal all sorts of conditions in history, and some of them are even mentioned in the Bible. Chinese medicine also mentions the use of these products to treat illnesses five thousand years ago. Ayurveda records from India also note that this practice was common in their society. Some ancient civilisations even believed that these stones had magical properties because of their ability to heal. They also noted that the stones had protective properties, and also believed that they could improve fertility. Any conditions caused by negative thoughts can be eliminated by these special stones.

Learn How to Select Jewellry Online

Shopping online has always come with the challenge of buying items which you cannot view physically. This is one reason why you should ask as many questions as possible and go through reviews from past buyers. But you have to know how to select the products since these criteria will guide your questions. First, you have to find out the origin of the natural stones. Products like rubies are mined in specific locations in Africa and Asia, and these place of origin will determine the worth of the jewellery. Those mined in Myanmar are known to be of the highest value. Rubies have been mined in this country for thousands of years, and they are now very rare and very expensive. Rubies were discovered in Mozambique in 2009, and this location has quickly become famous for offering high-quality rubies. When ordering jewellery online, you also have to choose a shape which matches your preference. The shapes will usually help to display the beauty of the stone. Cuts like round, pear, and princess help to enhance the effect of light on the stone, and this will make the items more appealing to the eye. Step cuts such as emerald have a different impact on the stone. Instead of improving light performance, they maximise the colour and size of the stone.

Categories of Gemstones

Gemstones are classified based on different criteria. One type is the organic gemstone, which forms from living organisms like plants and animals. These are commonly obtained from the earth and sea, and the most common of them are pearl, amber, and coral. The other class is the mineral gemstone, which is mined from the earth. These are formed when certain elements in the earth undergo a specific combination of heat, time period, and pressure. These elements harden the products so that they can become the attractive gemstones we find in stores. Popular mineral gemstones include diamond, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. You should also note that precious and semi-precious stones can be found in nature or created in labs. Most people prefer natural stones because they are considered more authentic. However, there is no difference in the look, colour, and quality of the items. All stones have a specific chemical and mineral make up, and these stone properties can easily be replicated in a lab. However, because of the difference in resources used to obtain natural and lab-created gemstones, the prices also differ. Lab-created gemstones are sold at lower prices than natural ones.

Caring for Your Jewellry

These items are highly scratch-resistant and will not get damaged through regular rough handling. They also lack a cleavage, meaning they cannot get fractured easily. Still, you will need to take some steps to ensure that your jewellery stays in peak condition. These tips will help to prevent tarnishing, dullness, and scratching. First, you need to keep them away from water. For storage, you should keep them in sealed packages, and always try to eliminate as much air as possible from the storage items. These elements can tarnish your natural stone jewellery. To help reduce the impact of moisture on your stones, you can invest in silica packs or other dehumidifiers. You should also keep your precious stones away from chemically-treated wood surfaces since these can speed up the tarnishing process.

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