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lithotherapy stones

Lithotherapy is a form of medicine that relies on colours and stones’ energy to bring harmony and peace to the body. The word lithotherapy originates from the ancient Greek word lithos, which translates to stone and therapeia, which means care, and the name implies the technique of taking care of the body by use of healing stones.

Stones are believed to contain vibrations and energy that aid in the removal of physical and mental stress and used in aligning your body in order for you to be free and energetic. Stone energy is used to treat organs that are believed to be connected naturally to the stones.

In lithotherapy energy of the stone is being used to bring physical and spiritual balance. The energy brings a proper balance between the spirit, mind, and body. Stones are used to boosting your energy and help your emotional body to eradicate the emotional blockage. During your rituals, stones assist you in heightening your awareness. Chemical composition, form, and colour influence the type of energy the stone emits. For more information about healing crystal click in the link

Origin of lithotherapy

Since prehistoric and historical times, natural stones have been used in healing practices. In the early civilizations, stones were being used in ceremonies and healing rituals. Spiritual healers and alchemists used to take the stone and mix them with elixirs and other materials like ash and powders to channel their power. Ancient people used stones and minerals to enhance and boost their strength and fertility. They believed that natural stones offered protection against evils and dark spirits.

Egyptians did the first study on how to channel crystal energy. Their research discovered that the placement of crystals on a particular part of the body aligned with the colour of stone and chakra enhanced healing. The scholars from ancient Greek also did the same studies on how to use stones in health treatment. They had Marple powder and red jasper. Marple powder was used by Greeks to cure stomach illness, and red jasper was used as a fortifier.

The Aztecs used to shape stones into jewels that they will later on placed on the body according to the problem. In China, the acupuncturists used a similar shaping stone method into different shapes to boost the needles’ energy power. Endpoints were being selected from various stones in alignment with the sickness. They believed that minerals drugs could be used to balance and stimulate energy in the body.

In the middle, Ages alchemists used stones, either precious or semi-precious, to cure disease by sticking to similitude law. For example, emerald is green, and bile is green; therefore, emerald was used to treat the liver.

How to use the healing potential of healing stones

Program your crystal with the intention

The first thing to keep in mind when working with crystal is to associate it with intention. For the healing stones to work, the clear intention is vital to access their healing power. Daily affirmations with the chosen piece of crystal are the surest way to tap into its power.

Wearing the crystal

The more a person is in contact with healing stones, the easier it gets to access its power,

To achieve this, the best strategy is to wear them. One can wear crystals in various forms like natural stone jewellery, clothes, and beauty product.

Carrying them throughout the day

To be aware of their energy, one has to be in more contact with them. Carrying them with you as a touchstone throughout the day can act as a means to ground you.

Meditate with them

Meditation is the simplest way to connect with the healing power of crystals. It can be experimented in various ways, by focusing on your breath and closing your eyes while holding them in your hand one can experience different feelings .a person can feel surrounded with lightness,

Creating a grid

To magnify the power of healing stones, arranging them in the sacred geometrical grid can helpful. As the pattern gets more complicated, grid cloths can guide you if you are new to this practice.

Placing them in your living and work environment

Adding a crystal to your living and work environment will help you to boost earth energy.

To cleanse the energy in your environment, place various minerals throughout your space. To maintain good vibes, and one can put them on the desk while working.

Placing them in your body

Putting crystals on your body has a different effect than holding them in your hand.

How to choose a perfect healing stone

This article will serve as a guide for you on how to get started with crystal healing. We will show you how they work and how to reap their energy without you undergoing a cost. The magic of recovery is being channelled from the structural composition of crystal rock. Since every rock vibrates at a unique frequency, its energy can raise identified and directed to a specific source.

Choosing perfect crystals can be a challenging task since there are so many price ranges. To take full advantage of the stone while admiring its appearance, price plays a significant role? According to crystal healers, they believe that a person does not choose the crystal, but the crystal selects the person. To practise and experience crystal energy and power, the first step begins with the selection process. You choose the stone according to your intuition. When selecting, it is good to go with the stone that gives you good energy and feeling.

Another step when choosing litho therapy is to consider your magical intention. You choose a stone according to what you would like to harness. During the practise, you are guided to focus on what you want to manifest and hold and squeeze healing stones in your hands.

You are supposed to observe emotional and physical sensations keenly. You are recommended to choose a crystal that satisfies your soul.

When you are purchasing crystals in online shops, you are recommended to dig deeper into the stone’s intrinsic property. To select a litho therapy stone that suits your healing intentions, you have to match the stone’s property with its inherent function. Since energetic minerals are not rare, their cost should not be prohibitive to you.

Example of healing stones and their property.


This clear water crystal is known from ancient Greek. Quartz Is commonly known as a master healer. It usually amplifies your vibration of thought and energy, and as well it can recharge the energy of other crystals. Quartz clear all negative energy, and it helps to gain concentration and unblock energy. It enhances your immune system, and it brings peace and balance to your body. It aligns all the chakra and harmonizes subtle bodies.


It is known for its spiritual properties, and a person can use it to tap into psychic power and access the highest state of consciousness. It offers protection against evil and dark energies. When you leave amethyst in a room, it clears all negative energy. It comes at an avoidable price.


It is known for a lot of properties. Mainly, it promotes happiness; it enhances creativity, activates intuition, and enhances concentration, which helps a person attract abundance, confidence, and wealth.

Black tourmaline.

It is a powerful stone that is commonly used to provide protection and to bring purification. It is useful for people who suffer from high levels of stress. Furthermore, it promotes health by boosting and improving blood circulation.


It is useful for cleaning psychic smog that has accumulated in your aura. It has powerful properties that offer you protection against all negativity.


Buying jewellery that contains lithotherapy stones can be challenging and yet fulfilling thing to do. The jewellery aid to fully maximize the healing properties of various stones. You are required to choose a healing stone that goes with your needs. Every lithotherapy stones have unique healing properties, and it is good to choose one that fits your spiritual, psychological, and physical condition. Jewellery is being decorated with natural stones for beauty and healing. People chose jewellery with natural healing stones to obtain recovery from them. To channel the healing property from the rock, one has to be in contact with it. Jewellery is being worn to bring healing properties from them. People choose these stones depending on the type of health conditions they have. To obtain total energy from healing stones, one has to buy the one that matches with chakra that needs energy. To avoid choosing the wrong stone, one has to have a piece of useful information about healing stones and how to channel their power. Each healing stone has a different price because of its unique healing energy, texture, and colours.

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