The basics of natural make-up

Minimal make-up doesn't leave you naked but keeps your natural look. By using colour shades slightly lighter and darker than your complexion, nude makeup will provide just enough definition to enhance your features. The few pieces of information discussed here will tell you more.

What are the special features of nude makeup?

While all types of makeup will eventually be forgotten at some point, nude makeup is an eternal trend. To achieve the natural look that is the hallmark of this type of makeup, you must follow one basic rule: the less color, the better! The nude look implies the use of a few basic neutral colours such as pink, beige or peach, as well as their nuances. To achieve this, you should start with a foundation that is as close as possible to the colour of your skin. Blush should only have a light shade, similar to your natural skin tone. As for your lips, opt for a neutral lip gloss or a natural lipstick. Lightly double your eyes, but use a heavier hand with mascara. But what are the privileges of having makeup with a natural effect?

Natural makeup: what are the benefits?

The first big advantage of having nude makeup is that you don't have to worry about the day. You'll try less to find a mirror, with fewer smudges and smudges and fewer interruptions in your activities, so you can quickly correct your makeup. If you opt for more natural makeup, especially in the summer, your face will look fresher and clearer. You won't have to worry about your makeup lying around in the heat and you'll also be able to feel the cool summer breeze on your face. Your night routine is also greatly simplified when you wear natural-looking makeup. It's easy to cleanse your skin in just seconds. So you'll never be tempted to go to bed with your makeup on. But on top of all this, as the name suggests, natural make-up is a good ally for women who want to stay beautiful while looking like they're not wearing make-up, especially when the make-up is light.

Natural make-up: how to apply it?

Do you want to try nude makeup? Here are the little secrets that will help you to apply make-up like a real professional. Start by priming your eyelids. This will enhance the eye shadow colours you use and keep your makeup looking beautiful all day long. Use eye shadow that matches your skin colour or is slightly lighter. Cover your entire eyelids with a base layer to create a clean canvas. Using a shade of nude eye shadow, define the crease of your eyelids. Start by applying a shadow directly on the crease and blend it in. Repeat this process until the crease is clearly defined. Using a darker nude colour with two or three shades, apply eye shadow to the lower lid, between the lash line and the crease. Blend into the crease to create a smooth transition. Finally, using your eye brush, apply the same colour as in the previous step along your lower lash line. These are the secrets to your natural-looking makeup. So always keep in mind that you should choose neutral colours, the ones that are closest to natural colour. This applies equally to foundation, blush and lipstick.
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