How do beauty boxes work?

If the concept of the beauty box has managed to make a place for itself in France, it is because it responds to a multitude of desires. Composed of make-up or treatments, the boxes can be organic, personalized, and themed or contain trendy elements. They have not failed to attract major brands to develop the rank, but such companies are to the delight of cosmetics enthusiasts. Here's an overview of this way to please!

The principle of beauty boxes

Coming straight from the United States by two Harvard students, the beauty box is a concept that consists of surprising one person every month with 3 to 8 travel cosmetics. Although the majority of the products in the pouch are a reduced version of these, they are not, by the way, samples. By reserving it exclusively on the web, you can choose the slice of the month you want to take, ranging from one month to a year. In addition to benefiting from a preferential rate, you will discover branded products each time you receive your mail, which will have reached you via your mailbox, if not to be picked up at a relay point. So you can treat yourself but you can also transfer this emotion to a friend or family member. Yes, you can also surprise your loved ones, especially if you know their tastes, by making them benefit from a beauty box delivery. In order not to get the wrong gift, information will be requested from the reservation forms.

How to choose the right box?

Each box has its own contents of cosmetics in miniature version, except for what is already like nail polish. These keep their bottle in real size. Sometimes the box comes with tutorials, but in any case, you will have an assortment of make-up products. In order to subsequently benefit from those of the major French or international brands, or even those that are difficult to find, try to check the brands of the partners. Among them, you may even have products in their original size. It is just as likely that you will come across promotions from the brands, allowing you to benefit from an interesting offer, among other things, in relation to the duration of the subscription. In addition, with regard to the selection of boxes, some are classified by theme. But the most popular are the boxes with atypical designs, in perfect harmony with the main ingredients. But whatever your preference, the best option is always the box that suits your needs and your budget.

But what are the real advantages of a beauty box?

The main advantage of a cosmetic box is indeed the pleasure of receiving care products in their mini-version at attractive prices every month.  It is, among other things, a way to test new products in their reduced formats, so that when you are tempted by their large size versions, you will already have had a glimpse of them. All this implies, therefore, the satisfaction of being able to test not only one (01) product or three (03) but even several, before making purchases in stores. It is a better control of the monthly budget, without resorting to waste or disappointment. Yes, this system allows you to make thoughtful purchases. And don't forget that the surprise effect it creates takes you back to your childhood. At the end of the day, you can subscribe or make one-off purchases to benefit from a variety of products, from facials and body care to relaxation, among others. It's amazing what this simple little box can do for you! So don't hesitate to subscribe to receive your beauty boxes on a regular basis.
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