Which hairstyle to adopt according to the shape of your face?

Hairdressers use hairstyles to enhance a person's beauty and thanks to the morphology of their face, it's amazing how a cut can change it. Round, oval, square or elongated, each shape has its own specificity that an enhancement of a point or a small touch will be able to hide the imperfection. The main thing is to know the advantage of each part of the figure. Deciphering!

Square or long

Do you want to have the haircut that best suits your face shape? The information provided here will greatly help you in choosing the cut that suits you best. Do you have a square or fairly elongated face? Be aware that a face with a wide jawline requires a cut that offers an oval shape, which is best affirmed by putting the hair on both sides as in the case of a plunging square. The latter is, in fact, a cut that consists of making the part of the hair at the nape of the neck short while leaving the front of the hair on both sides long. Thus, a square face does not go with the Crazy Horse, a hairstyle that makes it even more square and angular. This type of figure is not suitable for a strict look. On the other hand, a longer chin requires hair here and hair there. A long face and long, smooth hair are not, therefore, in harmony, nor is a cut that is too short and leaves it uncovered. This is why you should start with a fringe, provided it does not affect the edge of the forehead. In any case, the gradient perfectly masks this lengthening of the face. So these are the haircuts that are perfect for women with a square or elongated face shape.

Round, triangle down or oval

Here you can turn to a gradient cut. The advantage of this cut is that it adapts to many face shapes, including the round one and even better with short, medium or long hair. If you have a rounded face, the plunging square has the same effect, but the fringe, short square and straight hair flatten it. The fringe will look great with a triangular face downwards, as long as it is accompanied by strands on each side for a short cut. The important thing to remember about this shape is that the jaws need more material. That's why mid-length or square hair harmonizes well with the line, while an oval morphology unconditionally accepts all cuts, whether long, short, square, smooth or curly. In short, it is the most perfect shape.

Rectangular or hexagonal

And if you don't have the face shapes mentioned above and yours is more rectangular or hexagonal, well, one as well as the other, the principle with these two shapes lies in the idea of avoiding cuts that emphasize geometric lines such as flat, long hair that is too smooth for a rectangular face. Lines on the jawline side are eliminated with a cut that is just long, but if you feel like short hair, add some volume with curls and fringe. Indeed, for a hexagonal face shape, long hair better hides the shape stretched to the sides by adding gradation. The cut will be perfect and the face takes on a more harmonious shape with less pronounced angles. The half-long and curly square also hide this geometric shape perfectly. That's why the geometric shape cuts, the short and the fringes only accentuate the shape of the face. Therefore, it is best not to venture into them.  
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