Fashion tips for her morphology

Whether we are round enough or small enough, big or small, each has its strengths and its insecurities. From A to H, V to X, here are a few tips to help you in your choice of clothing, according to your figure, and to help you feel better about yourself.

Are you plump? Find out here how to dress properly!

Contrary to what most of us think, round people have many assets. That's right! If you are, don't be complicated by your clothing morphology. You have many positive sides that others don't have. Among them, there are: generous breasts for which thousands of women would pay, buttocks that sublimate any outfit, from jeans to the little black dress, and maybe many others. Are you wondering how to improve your figure? Well, by playing on proportions, given that, deep down, absolutely nothing is forbidden to you thanks to your morphology. Do you want to wear a tight pencil skirt (one strand)? All right, but it is possible only if you match it with a loose sweater that will fall on your hips. Conversely, if you want to reveal your cleavage, opt for a pair of loose pinch pants or a long flowing skirt. Don't get caught in clothes that are too tight, too short or, on the contrary, too wide. When it comes to accessories, structure your silhouette with heeled boots, thin or wide belts and bib collars.

And what about muscular people

Are you rather muscular? These few lines will give you some ideas on how to dress well if you have this type of clothing morphology.  But know, first of all, that you have everything you need to shine, wherever you go: steel buttocks, cut muscles... Here's how to improve your figure. If you don't want to wear that tomboy label since high school, there are many tips to help you. You can feminize your silhouette with leather clothes, whether jackets or tops, girly ballerinas or retro boots. You can also turn to the choice of a print (more floral than sporty), a neckline (more collar than turtleneck) or a pant shape (more fluid than moulding). Finally, avoid all cotton padded pieces for your city look, even if they are trendy. With all these little tips and tricks, you'll see that you'll feel better about yourself and will no longer be ashamed of your body. Try it on!

Fashion tips for slim people

Every woman dreams of having a slim body. And in a world that gives many privileges to models over 5'9", it is clearly an asset. In any case, some clothing tips are good to know. So, for the slimmest ones, how to improve the silhouette? First of all, it all depends on the pace you want. If the idea is to optimise your supermodel morphology as much as possible, bet on the parts close to your body, with floor-flame pants, mini-shorts... If, on the contrary, you prefer to minimise that big upper aspect, opt for flat shoes such as derbies or sneakers, and large pieces borrowed from the male wardrobe such as boyfriend jeans or a large shirt. So fashionista, whatever your body is, know how to highlight it, by making a good choice according to your clothing morphology. Make the right selection of shoes and accessories. Your body is not at all a fatality!
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